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Problems caused by metal hip replacements

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Surgical Errors |

Using metal in hip replacements was once standard procedure. However, after thousands of surgeries were conducted, patients began complaining of unfortunate side effects. Upon further investigation, doctors often found metal parts that had broken off from the hip replacement in the body, and there were also problems with the toxicity of cobalt.

The shortcomings of metal as a material for a hip replacement have created much suffering among patients. This blog will provide a brief overview of the side effects that have been reported from metal hip replacements, and the damages that people can claim.

Cobalt Toxicity

Cobalt was frequently used for hip replacements because it can result in the hip replacement lasting longer. However, cobalt is a toxic substance for the body when it gets used in high amounts. Many patients have suffered from elevated cobalt levels as a result of their hip replacement.

Failed implants

Unsuccessful surgeries are also reasonably common. Often because of wear and tear of the metal hip replacement, many patients – up to 50 percent – need a second joint replacement within 5 years.


Due to friction between the natural bone and the metal hip replacement, doctors have now found that pieces of metal, even small flakes, can be grated off and float loose in the body. This can lead to a whole host of medical problems for the patient.

If you have been negatively effected by the a hip replacement surgery, it is advisable that you look into your options for claiming damages. You should seek trusted legal guidance in order to fully understand your rights and the next steps you can take.

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