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August 2019 Archives

Attending treatment for chemical dependency

Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol is not easy to deal with in life. Addiction is a disease that many have trouble fixing. It can ruin lives in an instant, causing you to lose your job, your friends and even your loved ones. If you are aware that you have an addiction problem, it's best to seek treatment for chemical dependency as soon as possible so you can get your life back on track.

Mistakes lead to misdiagnoses in the emergency room

The emergency room is usually a busy place at any point during the day or night. With dozens of people walking in for care or being brought in via ambulance, mistakes are bound to happen. Despite the emergency room being overrun with patients, doctors and nurses are still required to provide a certain level of care for everyone. Let's look at mistakes that lead to emergency room misdiagnoses.

Signs you are a victim of a surgical error

Surgical errors happen all too often in hospitals all across Georgia and the rest of the country. There are many different ways you can be a victim of a surgical error. You might not realize you are a victim until you've been sent home from the hospital and something goes seriously wrong with your health. Today, we will provide you with the signs you could be a victim of a surgical error.

Explaining the dangers of drugged driving

Getting behind the wheel after using drugs can be deadly for the driver, their passengers and others around them on the roads of Georgia. Different drugs have different effects on a person's ability to drive a vehicle. For example, using cocaine and then driving can make a person aggressive or reckless. Using marijuana and then driving will slow a driver's reaction time. Today, we will explain the dangers of drugged driving.

Explaining Schedule 1 drugs

Schedule 1 drugs are defined as drugs that have no medical use and also have a high likelihood for abuse, according to the Federal government. Schedule 1 drugs are defined in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which is part of the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970. Any drug labeled as Schedule 1 is considered the most dangerous in the world.

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