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Creative ideas to keep virtual visitation engaging

On Behalf of | May 2, 2024 | Family Law |

Virtual visitation is a great way for co-parents to maintain close relationships with their children when they are residing with their other parent. However, keeping these interactions engaging can be challenging, especially for younger children. 

If you communicate with your child via virtual visitation during your co-parent’s parenting time, consider planning an activity that you and your child can do together ahead of each call. You could read a book, do a craft or work on a simple recipe. Each of you could have the same craft supplies and work on the project simultaneously, sharing progress and helping each other along the way. Interactive activities can keep your child engaged and also create a shared experience that can be both educational and fun.

Going on adventures during your virtual visitation time

If your child isn’t too young to understand this kind of interaction, take advantage of the plethora of online resources offering virtual tours of museums, zoos and national parks. You can explore a new place each time you have a virtual visit. Discuss the animals you see in a zoo, or talk about the art pieces in a museum and what you think and feel about them. 

If your child has a different kind of attention span, you might choose a movie or a show to watch simultaneously. Services like Netflix Party or Disney Plus GroupWatch synchronize video playback and add a group chat to your favorite movies and shows, making it feel like you’re sitting next to each other. This can be a relaxing way to end the day together.

Additionally, you can utilize educational apps and games that allow for multiple players. You can play trivia games, solve puzzles or embark on learning adventures together. And if your virtual visitation happens around bedtime for a younger child, make it special by reading a bedtime story. This can become a cherished part of your child’s nighttime routine, giving them something to look forward to. Over time, you can even create your own story together, adding new elements with each visit.

With a little planning, virtual visitation can be more than just a video call; it can be a dynamic and enriching way to stay connected.