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Surgical “never” events lead to great patient harm

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Surgical Errors |

People who need surgery expect their surgeon to do their best to ensure the procedure is a success. While there aren’t any guarantees for surgical outcomes, surgeons are expected to uphold the standard of care and follow proper protocol during the procedure. 

There are certain things that shouldn’t ever happen during a surgical procedure. These are known as “never” events. The issue with never events is that they can lead to considerable harm to the patient, but they’re all easily prevented. 

What kinds of things are “never” events in surgery?

A surgical “never” event includes surgery on the wrong patient or the incorrect body part. Incorrect surgical procedures are also never events. Surgeons and their staff members can prevent these by verifying patient identity and surgery information before they start working on the patient. 

Another never event deals with items being left in the patient. Anything that’s used during the surgery, including instruments and tools, must be accounted for. Sponges, towels and other objects can lead to infections and other serious issues. 

Hospitals and surgical centers have protocols in place to prevent these from occurring. It’s crucial that everyone working in the surgical suites take the time to follow the rules to help keep patients safe. Patients who are subjected to never events can have more serious health issues, including infections and other life-threatening effects. In the most serious cases, patients can die. 

Anyone harmed by a never event should ensure they get proper medical care. They may opt to pursue a medical malpractice claim to help cover the expenses related to the incident. This includes the cost of additional medical attention and others like missed wages. Georgia has time limits for filing these claims, so be sure you act swiftly.