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3 measures to stay safer around trucks

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2024 | Trucking Accidents |

If you drive, you are hopefully aware of the damage that a truck could do to you if you were to be involved a collision. If you are traveling in a smaller vehicle when a crash occurs, you will almost certainly come off worse than the individual operating the truck in question.

While you cannot avoid that risk altogether, there are some ways to reduce the chance that a truck will injure you.

Allow them plenty of room

Not only are trucks less maneuverable than cars, but they also have bigger blind spots. Not only do they take a long time to stop and maneuver, but truck drivers also might not even see you. As a result, giving trucks a wide berth in all directions is best.

Accept that a driver may have been on the road for a long time

While most truck drivers are highly professional, they are human. They make mistakes just like everyone else and get tired like everyone else. Long days of driving, combined with inadequate rest due to tight schedules and pressure from their employers to meet their deadlines may mean that a driver is not at their best when you come across them.

The bigger the vehicle, the more there is to go wrong

There are many more moving pieces on a truck towing trailers than on your car. There are more tires to blow out and more nuts to come loose, and it may only take one mechanical fault for the driver to lose control. There is also a much greater area to catch the wind and topple the whole rig over.

Doing all you can may still not be enough to avoid a truck crash. Understanding how to hold someone responsible for your injuries will be crucial if you’re injured through little or no fault of your own.