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When is it time to change a parenting schedule?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Family Law |

Parents who are divorced have custody rights. These rights can give parents the responsibility and obligations to decide how their children are raised, such as where they live, who attends their doctor appointments, if they have a religious upbringing and their schooling. One important factor of parents’ custody rights is the ability to make a parenting and visitation schedule.

A schedule helps determine how much time each parent has to see their children. The time parents have with their children may vary over days, weeks and months. Custody schedules often change over time. Here are a few reasons parents may need to modify custody schedules:

Is one of the child’s parents moving?

Some parents move after divorce, especially if one parent has to find a new home or employment. When a parent moves, there may be a lot of distance between the other parent. Parents may not be able to uphold their custody schedule obligations. A revised schedule may help accommodate this issue.

Does the child have special needs?

Custody schedules often consider children’s needs. Children can develop health issues that require more attention from parents. Parents may need to consider altering a custody schedule if a child’s health issues become too great.

Does a parent’s work schedule cause conflict?

Parenting plans often work around parent’s work schedules. Parents often can’t control what hours they are required to work, especially if a parent has to seek new employment. Conflicting work and custody schedules can make it harder for parents to care for their children. Parents may need to revise a custody schedule if a new work schedule conflicts with their visitation hours. 

Parents who understand their legal rights may have a better outcome when discussing child custody rights and schedules.