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3 ways you can increase your chance of successful co-parenting

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Family Law |

Transitioning from being in a romantic relationship with someone to co-parenting is a challenge. You have to be able to let go of the former relationship’s feelings and focus on what’s best for the children. 

Working as a parenting team will enhance the chance that your children will be able to thrive. This may be a bit easier if you consider these points. 

1. Set and respect boundaries

You and your ex will each have to establish new boundaries. Consider where you need to set yours, so you’re the best co-parent for your children. As your ex relays their own boundaries, make sure that you respect them. Mutual respect is often the key to any working relationship. 

2. Encourage relationships

Your children are going to want to be able to continue relationships that are important to them. Some of these will likely be with your ex’s family. The children may feel bad about showing you that they enjoy those relationships. Be sure to encourage them to keep up with the ones that are important to them. Knowing they have the full support of both sides of their family is essential in difficult times.

3. Communicate respectfully

You and your co-parent should communicate respectfully and directly with each other. Never try to pass messages through your children. When discussions get heated, make sure that you and your co-parent both know how to walk away and calm down before trying again.  

The parenting plan is your outline for everything related to the children. Get this set with your ex as soon as possible after you split up so everyone can enjoy more stability. Working with someone familiar with these situations may help you to find solutions to challenging aspects of child custody.