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Help your children with transition days

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2021 | Family Law |

Children who are learning new ways of life after their parents’ divorce are often uncertain about what’s going to happen. It’s up to the parents to ensure that the children have what they need.

One thing that might be stressful for the children is transition days. These are the days when their parents will come into contact with each other. The kids might be worried about arguments occurring during that time. They may also be uncertain about having to deal with the back and forth that comes with these days.

Have clothes at both homes

Packing is a big source of stress for children. They may worry about leaving things at one home when they’ll need them at the other. If possible, have clothing for them at each home so they can focus on only having to bring things they want, such as a special stuffed animal. They may also have to bring school items, sports equipment, and medications back and forth.

Avoid contentious discussions

Transitions days should be focused solely on the children. Don’t use this time to discuss things with your ex. Instead, speak to each other away from the children at another time so they don’t have to see their parents argue. The kids should feel secure in knowing that they have a parenting team to love them and support them.

Parents should work to come up with a parenting plan that puts the children first. This enables them to do what’s best for the kids. Once the plan is in place, the children will know what they can expect and the parents can work to keep things stable for them. The arrangements you make now should be set up for the current needs. In the future, modifications can be made if custody schedules need to change.