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Can you avoid the drama of a litigated divorce in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Family Law |

Divorce court can sometimes be a very hostile environment. Spouses can become vicious toward one another, exaggerating their experiences during the marriage or highlighting the worst things the other person ever did. These claims then become part of the public record in many cases.

An aggressively litigated divorce can be psychologically traumatizing and socially humiliating for some people. They may spend thousands of dollars and endure many angry hours in court, only to fall far short of their goal in the divorce. No matter how intensely couples fight, the court will try to divide their property equitably and put the needs of the kids first in any custody order.

If you would like to divorce quietly and with your privacy as a focus, avoiding a litigated divorce could help you achieve your goals. How do you handle a divorce if you want to avoid contentious court proceedings?

Negotiate now for an uncontested filing

Divorces often become hostile when spouses disagree about how to split their property or share custody. The goal of all that aggressive rhetoric is often securing certain property or custody terms. If you and your spouse can find a way to work with each other before you go to court for your divorce, then you can have an uncontested filing.

Essentially, the two of you will submit paperwork outlining how you plan to handle the details of your divorce, a judge will review those documents and eventually finalize your divorce. The goal is to set all of the terms yourselves, with the help of your attorneys, so that nothing embarrassing or unnecessarily aggressive takes place in court.

Focusing on collaboration can mean a faster and possibly cheaper divorce. Uncontested proceedings are a viable option for many couples considering divorce.