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On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Surgical Errors |

If you suffer from kidney disease and go to a Hinesville hospital to have your diseased kidney removed, you certainly would next expect your surgeon to remove the healthy and functioning one instead.

The same holds true if you are expecting to be treated for the disease that you have and instead are given a mistaken diagnosis that delays the life-saving treatment you need. Yet, all too often, here in Hinesville and elsewhere around the nation, patients die or are left with worsened conditions due to medical errors and “never events” that somehow keep on happening.

Many people are not litigious by nature and shun lawsuits and attorneys after these medical disasters occur. Certainly everyone is entitled to chart their own course after such an event, but there are other reasons than financial gain to seek civil justice.

Namely, it shines a light on often incompetent medical personnel who need to hang up their scalpels and retire their medical degrees. Holding them civilly accountable for your losses and damages puts them on notice that their (in)actions are not acceptable.

It also alerts the public to the problem so that they may avoid these practitioners with high mortality rates for even the simplest procedures. In short, it does good for the community by protecting future patients from these same dangers.

We encourage our clients who experience medical malpractice to examine all of their options thoroughly when deciding how to proceed. Your first goal should be to heal and to recover as much as is possible from the medical mishap.

By leaving the litigation to us, there is one less worry on your mind at such a critical time.