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How does a misdiagnosis harm a patient?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Misdiagnosis |

Being misdiagnosed by your doctor is devastating, especially if you were diagnosed with something not too serious initially. Many victims of misdiagnosis don’t realize there is a problem until it is too late. Why? They are often diagnosed with a condition or disease they know is not serious and is easily treatable. Then, their symptoms either don’t go away or the symptoms worsen. That leads to a correct diagnosis, which is often severe.

So, how does a misdiagnosis harm a patient?

First and foremost, a patient who has been misdiagnosed might wind up being prescribed the wrong medication. This can have serious consequences on the patient’s body and wellbeing, including their overall health. The medication might cause them to suffer side effects that lead to more serious health problems.

Secondly, a patient who has been misdiagnosed will undoubtedly suffer issues with their emotional and mental health. Can they trust their doctor? What is lurking around the corner? Will they survive now that they are so far behind treatment? These are all questions that will surely swirl in their head.

A patient who has been misdiagnosed will wind up spending more money on their care than they should have. All of the doctor visits, tests and surgeries from the misdiagnosis will be piled on by the care from the correct diagnosis. This can easily cause the patient to go into debt.

Victims of misdiagnosis see their lives change in an instant. They go from thinking they have a treatable condition to not knowing if they will survive or not. These patients have to adjust their lives and learn to live with a new disease all over again.