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Medical providers owe it to patients and themselves to be safe

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2019 | Surgical Errors |

A recent study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) captures how doctors who follow safety protocols can protect both their patients and themselves by doing so.

The researchers refer to a medical provider’s obligation to adhere to patient safety standards as essential.

They note that one of the most important practices that doctors, nurses and other providers should adhere to is washing their hands before having any contact with their patients. This can greatly reduce the chances of them being exposed to potentially deadly germs and diseases.

Their research also shows that it’s critically important for members of a surgical team to take a time-out before operating on any patient. By doing that, it minimizes their risk of performing a wrong-site or wrong-patient surgery. It also allows the medical team to discuss their roles and map out the operation that they’re going to perform.

It’s important for hospitals and surgical facilities to establish office procedures that should be followed by doctors and their teams. They should encourage their providers to prepare and follow surgical checklists. They should barcode and keep a current database of all supplies used or medications administered. Staff members should also be encouraged to speak up if they notice any of the workflows are inefficient.

If a staff member makes errors, then they should be encouraged to step up and disclose them right away. These situations should be used as teaching moments or opportunities to retrain staff in the appropriate protocol to follow.

Doctors and other medical providers are humans, so they’re bound to make errors. While many of these mistakes can be reversed without causing anyone any significant harm, some may cause a significant decline in a patient’s health. Some may even rob a patient of their life.

Individuals who’ve suffered permanent injuries due to a Georgia medical provider’s negligence should consult with an attorney in Hinesville. The one that you reach out to should be keen on holding negligent parties responsible for their actions if you’re looking for the best outcome in your case.