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Ask these legal questions before scheduling surgery

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2019 | Surgical Errors |

If your doctor suggests surgery, you should strongly consider the benefits of this treatment plan. Regardless of the reason and intended outcome, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re getting into so that you can plan accordingly.

Here are three important questions to ask before scheduling surgery:

  • What are the finer details of the procedure that you are performing? You should be 100% clear as to what terms you agree, as this helps protect you from your doctor performing another procedure.
  • What are the potential complications of the surgery? Every procedure, even the most basic, has a risk of complications, some of which may be serious or even fatal. Knowing what to expect before, during and after your surgery is imperative.
  • What are the costs of the procedure? The answer depends on several factors, and may change based on what happens during the surgery. However, your doctor and/or the medical staff should be able to provide an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses based on the expected outcome.

It’s natural to have some reservations about surgery, as you’re concerned about both your personal and financial health. By answering these questions and others, you’ll have a better idea of what the process entails.

If something goes wrong during your procedure, e.g., your doctor operating on the wrong body part, it’s important to find out exactly what went wrong. This will allow you to take the appropriate actions like finding another doctor who can provide a second opinion and a plan for the future.

Once your health is in order, learn more about your legal rights and how to hold the negligent doctor responsible for their mistake.