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Signs of a misdiagnosis of your condition

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Misdiagnosis |

Do you think that you were misdiagnosed by a Hinesville doctor? Do you think that your diagnosis should be more serious than it is? What if you were diagnosed, and the condition is actually less severe than originally thought? All of these issues with misdiagnosis happen all too often throughout the medical field. Here are the most common signs that you were misdiagnosed by a medical professional.

One of the most common signs of misdiagnosis is when your doctor fails to use all of the diagnostic tests available for your possible condition. This means that the doctor ran just one or two tests and based their diagnosis on the results of those tests instead of doing more extensive testing.

Have you already been prescribed medication? If that medication is not working properly, you likely have been misdiagnosed. You either don’t have the condition you were said to have, or the medicine was chosen incorrectly.

Did you seek out a second opinion after being diagnosed? If so, a common sign of misdiagnosis is when the second opinion differs from the original diagnosis. If this is the case, it might be in your best interest to seek a third opinion from another unaffiliated doctor.

Do your symptoms match multiple other conditions and not just the one for which you’ve been diagnosed? If so, you likely have been misdiagnosed from the start. Doctors can easily confuse symptoms of one condition with those of another.

Misdiagnosis is a serious issue that affects thousands of people every year. You should always seek a second opinion from a doctor not affiliated with the initial one who made the diagnosis when dealing with serious conditions.