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Alleged drunk driver facing felony homicide charges

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | DUI/DWI |

A man in Georgia is now facing serious felony homicide charges for his involvement in a car accident that took the life of his own stepson. Police say that the man was drunk at the time of the wreck.

Police reports reveal that the man is 31 years old, while his stepson was 17 years old. The crash happened right around 11 p.m.

A Georgia State Patrol trooper claimed that the man was heading south on U.S. 27 with his stepson and the boy’s cousin, who is also a teenager, in the car with him. While they were driving, their vehicle left the roadway on the right side. There, it slammed into a guard rail.

The man attempted to correct the vehicle’s path, but he apparently went too far. The truck drove up across the road and went off the left side of the pavement. It drove into the median and overturned. The adult driver was thrown out of the vehicle, though he survived.

Emergency crews took the man and the boy’s cousin to Floyd Medical Center. Both were injured, though the injuries were considered minor. The driver was then arrested and, as of the last reports, was not given bond.

The man now faces DUI charges, reckless driving charges and charges for failing to maintain his lane. Those are all in addition to the homicide by vehicle charges.

Those who are facing very serious allegations and criminal charges after a car accident must know all of their legal options. Everyone has a right to a fair trial, a crucial fact when a conviction could change someone’s life forever.

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