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What happens when loads aren’t secured correctly?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Trucking Accidents |

Truckers must ensure the loads they transport are secured properly. This is especially important for those who have cargo on flat or open trailers.

Even when another party handles the loading of the trailer, the trucker should verify that it was done properly. There are federal guidelines in place that dictate how and where cargo must be secured. When these guidelines aren’t followed precisely, crashes can occur.

What can happen if a load is improperly secured?

A load that isn’t properly secured can shift, which can cause the trailer to swing. The trucker may lose control of the rig. This may cause them to slam into other vehicles on the roadways. It can also cause them to jackknife and block one or more lanes of traffic.

Another issue with improper load securement is cargo coming off the trailer. This can slam into other vehicles or land in a traffic lane. Vehicles may have to try to dodge the cargo, which could lead them to crash into other vehicles.

The crashes that occur because of improper load securement can lead to catastrophic injuries or fatalities. The question of who’s liable for the financial damages becomes the focal point of the matter.

Anyone who’s injured in a wreck involving a semi truck will likely need medical care. They may choose to seek compensation for the damages they’re dealing with because of the crash. This can include various things, such as lost wages and medical care bills. Georgia laws limit the time you have to get the case filed, so be sure to get your case moving quickly.