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Is your marriage heading for divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Family Law |

Fifteen years ago, you and your spouse promised to love each other until you parted by death. Lately, however, your marriage has been strained, and you don’t know what to do. You find yourself wondering if your marriage is headed for divorce?

Admitting that a divorce may be in your future is not easy. You must ask yourself some tough questions and be honest about the answers. For example: When was the last time that you felt close to your spouse? Do you still see a future for the two of you? Answering these questions may be hard, but you have to be true to yourself.

Signs that divorce may be inevitable

Here are some of the signs that your marriage may be headed for divorce:

  • You haven’t been happy for quite a while.
  • Being in the presence of your spouse is frustrating.
  • You have been staying together for the sake of your children, but now they have left the nest.
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol has infiltrated your marriage.
  • Financial problems are causing you to drift apart.
  • You and your spouse no longer communicate.
  • Infidelity has damaged the trust you once had for your spouse.
  • The two of you are no longer intimate.
  • Lately, the two of you seem to argue all of the time.
  • You married young, and the relationship has run its course.
  • The relationship has become mentally, emotionally or physically abusive.

Recognizing that you are experiencing any of the above issues in your marriage is painful and upsetting. Going through a divorce can be challenging, so consider legal guidance to assist you with the process.