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How do you divorce a difficult spouse?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | Family Law |

Divorce, by all accounts, is a difficult undertaking. Things become even more difficult when one of the parties in the divorce has a personality disorder.

If your spouse is a narcissist, there is a pretty good chance that ending the marriage will likely be just as complicated and hard as your relationship has been. The good news, however, is that you can actually divorce them.

Here are three steps that can help you successfully divorce a narcissist.

Have realistic expectations

Setting realistic expectations can help you build the mental and emotional strengths you will need when divorcing a difficult spouse. Keep in mind that you will likely fight over everything and that your spouse will barely be interested in any form of dialogue.

Keep a diary of everything

It is not uncommon for a narcissist to lie about pretty much everything. They will never go down without a fight. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for this and more. Part of your preparation should involve keeping copies of crucial documents related to your divorce. This is especially important if you find yourself in a situation where you have to prove that your spouse is being dishonest over certain aspects of your divorce.

Set clear boundaries

As you have probably already learned while in marriage, narcissists are never good at respecting boundaries. As such, it should never come as a surprise when your soon-to-be-ex continually meddles in your daily life. To safeguard your peace of mind during the divorce process, it is in your best interest to set clear boundaries that will help you heal and move on after the divorce. Find out how you can protect your rights and interests while divorcing a difficult spouse.