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Blind spots and jackknifing: 2 common types of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Trucking Accidents |

If it seems like there are semis on the road everywhere you go, that’s not an illusion. The trucking industry is huge in this nation, and it’s constantly growing. Unfortunately, many novice truckers are out there — and so are truckers that are too tired to be behind the wheel. That puts everybody who shares the road with them in danger.

Two of the most common events involving commercial vehicles that lead to catastrophic injuries are blind spot accidents and jackknifing. Knowing more about these kinds of incidents can help you avoid them.

What you need to know about blind spot accidents

Almost every motor vehicle has a blind spot. The larger the vehicle, the more pronounced their blind spot is likely to be — and semis have huge blind spots

It’s a mistake to assume that a tractor-trailer operator sees you when you’re keeping pace with them. You should always proceed cautiously when driving nearby a truck and base any maneuvers you make on them not seeing you.

What you should know about jackknifing

If you’ve ever seen an accident occur that leaves a truck’s cab and trailer in a “V” or “L” formation, then you’ve witnessed the remnants of a jackknife incident. Jackknife accidents may seem like a rare phenomenon, but they’re not. 

Various factors can cause a truck to end up in this position, including truckers losing control of their tractor-trailer due to tire blowouts and driving too fast for the road conditions. Smaller passenger cars may find themselves crushed between or under trucks when these incidents occur, especially if they were close by the truck when it happened. 

If you or your loved one suffered a catastrophic injury in a wreck caused by a commercial vehicle, you have every right to ask for compensation for your losses. Take proactive steps to protect your interests as soon as possible.