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The police understand when drunk driving is more likely

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | DUI/DWI |

Do you ever feel like you see the police crack down on impaired driving at a certain time or around a certain event? It’s not all in your head; you really are seeing more officers on the roads. The police understand when drunk driving is more likely, and they’ll often step up enforcement efforts around these times.

For instance, they already did it once in Georgia this year, right around the Super Bowl. They knew that it was a massive event that was essentially a holiday. They knew a lot of people would watch the game at the bar or at parties where alcohol was served freely. When the game ended around 10:00 p.m., they knew they’d see a lot of impaired drivers on the roads.

Officers went out on patrols and set up checkpoints. They established a zero-tolerance policy. They put in a greater level of effort to curb drunk driving for three days around the Super Bowl.

Why did they do it? They do it every year, and it has shown results. Last year, for instance, they arrested 266 people over just three days. And that was only the Georgia State Patrol.

But it’s not just the Super Bowl. You can often see increased enforcement around holidays all year long. You may see it during March Madness in the spring, around the Fourth of July in the Summer and around Thanksgiving and Christmas through the fall and early winter.

When police increase their efforts and make more arrests, it is important for those facing charges to understand all of their legal options.