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Speeding, repercussions and points on your driver’s license

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Some states do not use a point system as a penalty for traffic infractions, but in Georgia, point assessment applies to every kind of traffic ticket that law enforcement officers issue.

You may think that the system is no big thing until you realize what may happen to your driving privileges as points accumulate.

Who can acquire points

In Georgia, a moving violation is a misdemeanor that comes with penalties. A Peach State resident can acquire demerit points for various driving infractions, and the state will add the points to his or her driver’s license.

How the point system works

You can earn points for various kinds of violations, such as passing a stopped school bus discharging passengers, or for improper passing on a hill or while rounding a curve. Driving too fast is a common infraction, and the state will assess points for speeding as follows:

  • Two points for driving 15 to 18 mph over the speed limit
  • Three points for 19 to 23 mph over the speed limit
  • Four points for 24 to 33 mph over the speed limit
  • Six points for 34 mph or more

If law enforcement tickets you for driving 14 miles per hour or fewer over the speed limit, the infraction will not result in points.

Why you should use caution

Speeding is a major cause of vehicle crashes. This kind of traffic violation poses a danger to you and to every driver around you, in addition to any pedestrians who may be in the vicinity.

Keep in mind that the accumulation of points has consequences. For example, the Georgia Department of Driver Services will suspend your driving privileges if you accumulate 15 points within 24 months, even if you have acquired some of those points while driving in another state. You should prepare to fight the case against you for speeding, considering that points added to your record could affect your chances for employment and the potential for a significant increase to your auto insurance rates.