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Could you run afoul of Georgia’s manufacturing drug laws?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Drug Charges |

When it comes to its drug laws, the state of Georgia doesn’t play around. Drug laws are strict, and the penalties for convictions are severe. Unfortunately, it is entirely possible for an innocent person to get themselves into a situation where they get arrested for manufacturing a drug such as crystal meth.

The average Georgia citizen might think that if the police have enough evidence to arrest you and the courts to take it to trial that your guilt is a foregone conclusion. But that fails to take into account many scenarios wherein the person who was charged is actually innocent.

For example, say you have a son or daughter (or sibling, spouse or friend) who has a bad crystal meth problem. Rehab hasn’t helped, and you fear they will get arrested. In searching their room or car, you come across some of the precursor chemicals used to concoct the meth. An argument ensues, and your loved one flees in anger.

You decide to get rid of these toxic substances that can only lead to more trouble for your addicted loved one. But you realize that they are too toxic to just pour down the drain. You’re not sure what, exactly, to do with them. But you definitely want them out of the house.

So, you load the precursor chemicals up into the trunk of your car until you decide how to dump them safely. In the meantime, however, you get into a fender-bender. The cop on the scene detects a familiar odor, pops the trunk and sees its contents.

Suddenly, you’re under arrest and facing some very serious consequences. What happens next?

If you’re wise, you will seek the counsel of an experienced Hinesville criminal defense attorney who is familiar with defending those accused of drug offenses. They may be able to present a credible defense to the charges, thus allowing you to sidestep a conviction that could otherwise ruin your life.