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Could I be arrested for my roommate’s drugs?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2019 | Drug Charges |

Many people wrongly assume that anyone arrested on drug charges must be guilty. After all, the police had evidence to arrest you, and the prosecutor made a case. How could it be that you are, indeed, not guilty of the charges against you?

But there are multiple ways that you could face drug charges while not actually being guilty of possessing illegal drugs. Here is but one such scenario you could find yourself facing.

Let’s say that you have a roommate who is a little on the shady side. They always seem to have more money than their pizza-delivery job should produce. But the guy seems basically all right, so you push any questionable thoughts out of your mind.

Then, one day the police burst into your apartment with a search warrant. Your roommate isn’t even there when the cops toss the place. From the very top of your kitchen cabinet, they produce a plastic bag full of cocaine — a lot of cocaine.

Suddenly, you’re under arrest despite your honest protestations that you had no idea that the coke was up there.

Unless your roommate fesses up that the coke was indeed his, you could be looking at a felony drug conviction and a long prison sentence. Georgia courts are known to treat even first offenders harshly when they’re convicted of drug offenses involving significant amounts.

What can you do?

Your first order of business should be to retain a criminal defense attorney who is intimately familiar with Georgia drug laws. You can then build a staunch defense against the charges that have been lodged against you.