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Why buzzed driving is considered drunk driving

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | DUI/DWI |

One of the most visible campaigns every holiday season throughout Georgia and the rest of the country is the “Buzzed Driving” campaign. This campaign is an effort to educate people that “buzzed driving is drunk driving.” It’s an effort to show people that they can still be charged with drunk driving even though they think they are slightly buzzed.

In order to determine if you are buzzed, take a look at the situation. If you have to think about getting behind the wheel even for a second, you are too buzzed to drive. If you wind up asking yourself, “Am I okay to drive,” you likely are not sober enough to drive. Any second-guessing should be a sign that you should not drive home.

The message this campaign tries to relay is that driving with any amount of alcohol in your system can be dangerous, even if it’s just one drink. One drink can alter how your mind works and how you judge things like speed, distance, orientation and other important items required to safely operate a vehicle.

The fight against buzzed driving does not only include the person who is consuming the alcohol. It also includes establishments that serve alcohol, including homeowners who host parties where alcohol is present.

When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having too much to drink it can change your life and the lives of those around you in an instant. Do everything possible to avoid a tragic situation.

Now that you have a better understanding of what buzzed driving is, it’s important for you to avoid it at all costs. Be sure to always designate a driver, call a taxi or schedule a ride service to get home.