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How to fight intent to distribute drug charge

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Drug Charges |

If you are arrested and charged with a drug crime it is important that you understand your rights and protect yourself. A common drug charge levied in Hinesville, Georgia is that of possession with intent to distribute. Just like any other criminal charge, you should fight it with the help of an attorney. Here are some tips for fighting this charge.

The first step in fighting this drug charge is to question the validity of the search conducted that discovered the drugs. Whether the search took place at your home, at your place of employment or in your vehicle; you are protected from illegal search and seizure by the United States Constitution.

What about the conduct of the police officer? Did he or she lie about consent? For example, did the officer request your consent to conduct a search and you declined? If the officer performed a search without your consent and without a warrant, this can be presented in court as a method of defending against the charge.

Another defense method is to question whether or not the driver knew there were drugs in the vehicle. Although pleading ignorance is never a good idea, if this were truly the case, you and your attorney need to attempt this defense method.

When you are facing a drug charge in Georgia it is never a good idea to represent yourself, not even at your first hearing in front of the judge. Mounting a defense against the charge of possession with intent to distribute is not easy and should be aided by an experienced criminal defense attorney.