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Why you should never fight drug charges alone

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Drug Charges |

If you are ever arrested for possession of a drug, possession with intent to distribute or any other drug charge; you should never fight these charges by yourself. Many people believe they can represent themselves in court, but it’s too stressful of a situation to do so effectively. Today, we will explain why you should always have a criminal defense attorney by your side when facing drug charges in Hinesville, Georgia.

First and foremost, you do not know the law. The law is complicated, especially when it comes to drug charges. You can be hit with a slew of different charges when arrested for a drug crime, many of which could very well be dropped if you knew the law. A defense attorney can help get charges reduced or dropped.

Another reason why you should never fight alone when facing drug charges is that you do not know the court system or the judge assigned to your case. You’ve also never worked with the prosecutor assigned to the case. A defense attorney has worked with these people in the past and knows how to act in court.

Your behavior, demeanor and attitude can affect the outcome of your drug case in a Georgia court. You don’t know the procedures of the court and how to handle yourself. An attorney will make sure you stay quiet when required and that you answer when you are supposed to answer.

Were you arrested and charged with a drug crime in Hinesville? Don’t put your freedom at risk by defending yourself at your hearings. A criminal defense attorney knows the law, has experience arguing the law in this jurisdiction and will be able to file appeals and other motions with the court on your behalf before the deadlines expire.