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Can you legally avoid a DUI checkpoint in Georgia?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | DUI/DWI |

Georgia police frequently put up DUI checkpoints when there is a projected increase in traffic. They tend to go up during holiday weekends, however, last Decemberpolice arrested 48 peoplea Wednesday evening.

Some states don’t allowDUI checkpoints because they contradict a person’s civil rights from unreasonble search and seizure. If you’re in this camp and want to avoid a sobriety checkpoint, here are your options.

Ahead of time

In order to for sobriety checkpoints not to be considered unreasonable search and seizure, they must be publicly announced beforehand. Law enforcement officials can announce the upcoming erection of a sobriety checkpoint in a local news publication or by using a sign in the area.

In some cities, you may be able to use a phone app or website that compiles these announcements to ensure you won’t run into a sobriety checkpoint during your upcoming travels.

Approaching the scene

If you are approaching a DUI checkpoint, you should make sure not to disobey any traffic laws. However, if you can turn away from a checkpoint legally, it’s perfectly reasonable to avoid being stopped.

Outside of a checkpoint, an officer can only pull you over if you have broken the law or exhibited behavior while driving that led an officer to suspect you have broken a law.

Being prepared

To prepare yourself for the possibility of running into a sobriety checkpoint, make sure to never drive if you are feeling impaired by any substance, be it alcohol or even an over-the-counter drug.

You can use purchase a personal breathalyzer to ensure you’re ready to roll or call a taxi or ride sharing service when you’re not.