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Heroin possession in Georgia

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Being found in the possession of heroin is a very serious charge in the state of Georgia. Heroin brings extremely high charges with it because it is a very dangerous drug; one of the most dangerous, and the most addictive. Scores of people die each year due to accidental heroin overdoses, and this is something that the state is trying very hard to prevent.

If you have been found with heroin in your possession, your charge will depend largely on whether it is determined that your supply was intended for personal use or whether you had an intent to sell. Whatever the case, it is extremely important that you take action as soon as possible in order to form your defense.

Will I be charged with simple possession or intent to sell?

If you are found with even the smallest amount of heroin in your possession, you may face a minimum of two years in jail under Georgia law. If you are found with less than 4 grams of heroin, your possession will be considered a personal one.

If you are found with 4 grams or more of heroin, it will be considered by law enforcement that you had an intent to sell. This means that you will face a felony with jail time between five and 20 years. If the amount on your possession was borderline, you may be able to convince the courts that you did not have an intent to sell.

If you have been found with heroin in your possession in Georgia, it is vital that you take action for your future.

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