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Can I avoid jail if I go to rehab?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Sometimes, in situations where a person is convicted of a drug-related crime, the defendant can avoid going to jail if he or she commits him or herself to a drug rehabilitation program. Many guidelines have to be put into place in order for this to happen; however, it is certainly possible and can create positive solutions for all involved.

This blog will provide a brief overview into how court-ordered rehab works, and what could qualify you as a participant.

Drug addiction

If you have a drug addiction of either alcohol, illicit or illegal drugs or prescription medications, it is bound to affect the way that you make decisions and perform every day tasks. It may also add financial insecurity to your life, and impair your judgment. Therefore, many people with a drug or alcohol addiction may engage in crimes such as petty theft.

Nonviolent crime

If the crime that you are accused of committing was a nonviolent crime, you can potentially be considered for a court ordered drug-rehabilitation program. This may have been a crime that you committed in order to fund your existing addiction.

Potential to benefit

In order to qualify for a court ordered drug-rehabilitation program, you must be able to convince the courts that you are very likely to benefit from this scheme. You might do this by showing that you would not have committed the crime if it was not for your addiction. If you do so successfully, you will be able to avoid jail time and the stigma associated with it.

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