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What are the biggest risks of getting plastic surgery?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2017 | Surgical Errors |

In the U.S., about 15 million people undergo one form of plastic surgery or another every year. Although plastic surgery is generally considered safe, accidents do happen.

This blog will go through some of the most common risks that those undergoing plastic surgery will potentially face.


Infection is usually the most common risk factor in any surgery. Measurements are taken before surgery so that any infection or inflammation can be detected at the earliest stage possible.

Anesthesia complications

Anesthesia is administered in many circumstances, and is usually very safe. But correct dosage calculations are vital, and if anything is predicted with a slight inaccuracy, serious complications can occur. This could include a risk of lung infection, stroke, heart attack and even death.

Organ and nerve damage

Going through surgery puts you at a high risk of damaging nerves since there are so many present in the body. Surgery, especially plastic surgery, can lead to numb or tingling sensations post-op. With breast augmentation surgery, many patients have said that they have a sensation of having a lost nipple.

Hematoma and Seroma

Hematoma is where blood collects itself outside of the blood vessels and forms something that looks somewhat like a bruise. This can happen very frequently during a facelift and may require additional operations to fix. Seroma is when blood plasma collects under the surface of the skin and often can become infected and results in swelling.

Surgical errors can be common within plastic surgery operations, and it is important to read up about the risks. If you have suffered an injury because your plastic surgeon was negligent, you have right to seek compensation.

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