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Consequences in Georgia for driving over the limit

Many of us depend on our car to get us everywhere. So sometimes after a drink or two, or the morning after a night of heavy drinking, we can be tempted to get in the driver's seat, believing that we are competent and that we are safe. This is not only illegal, but can be a fatal mistake to make.

In Georgia between 2003 and 2012, 3699 people were killed because of accidents that a drunk driver was involved in. This is a shocking statistic, but still people continue to drive over the legal blood alcohol limit. A person is measured as being over the legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol when their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08 percent or more.

Surgical errors: The risk of anesthesia

When undertaking an operation, the patient is administered anesthetic to block the pain of the operation and to send the patient to sleep. When a healthy patient goes for an operation and is given anesthetic from an experienced and competent surgeon, there is a very low risk that anything will go wrong -- one in 100,000 healthy people are expected to die as a result of anesthesia in a planned operation. Even more rare is the extremely acute risk of brain damage as a result of having anesthesia administered.

Problems that can occur

Melanoma misdiagnoses are latest dark spot in cancer treatment

With close proximity to ocean beaches in the Savannah area, you are probably well aware of the health dangers of prolonged sun exposure. You know to wear sunscreen while at the beach and know how to spot heat stroke among your friends and family, but do you know how to spot one of the most widespread health dangers of all?

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more people have been diagnosed with skin cancer in the last 30 years than all other cancers combined. Melanomas, or dark sun spots and moles on the skin, are curable when detected early. Typically doctors say to look for a change in existing moles on your skin, but new research by dermatologists says that it could be more important to look for changes in new spots on your skin as a sign of melanomas.

Car accident conviction: Involuntary manslaughter

Being involved in an accident where a person is killed is everyone's worst nightmare. No one ever wants their actions to have potentially resulted in the death of a person. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may be at risk of being accused of involuntary manslaughter. This is particularly true if there is proof that you acted negligently or if you were found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the crash.

This blog will provide a brief overview of what sentences and penalties exist for a person that is convicted of involuntary manslaughter as a negligent driver.

Problems caused by metal hip replacements

Using metal in hip replacements was once standard procedure. However, after thousands of surgeries were conducted, patients began complaining of unfortunate side effects. Upon further investigation, doctors often found metal parts that had broken off from the hip replacement in the body, and there were also problems with the toxicity of cobalt.

The shortcomings of metal as a material for a hip replacement have created much suffering among patients. This blog will provide a brief overview of the side effects that have been reported from metal hip replacements, and the damages that people can claim.

A delay in diagnosing cancer: Claiming damages

As patients, we have little option but to trust our doctors and believe that their advice or diagnosis is correct. However, even though doctors are extremely well trained, human error at some point is inevitable.

Although it is inevitable, it is not acceptable for a doctor to make errors when we put our lives in their hands. A small error could lead to a huge amount of suffering or even death. These human errors may have been caused by negligence, and if this can be proven, then it is likely that it is grounds for a claim.

A novel idea for preventing DUIs

For decades states have wrestled with the problem of reducing the number of deaths and injuries caused by drunk driving. A recent article in the Denver Post describes an innovating approach Colorado is taking:

They're giving individual breathalyzers -- breath test machines -- away.

Can I avoid jail if I go to rehab?

Sometimes, in situations where a person is convicted of a drug-related crime, the defendant can avoid going to jail if he or she commits him or herself to a drug rehabilitation program. Many guidelines have to be put into place in order for this to happen; however, it is certainly possible and can create positive solutions for all involved.

This blog will provide a brief overview into how court-ordered rehab works, and what could qualify you as a participant.

What’s the law on Marijuana in Georgia?

The law on marijuana changes very frequently, especially with a trend towards legalization in some states. Different states also have different laws about possessing and selling marijuana. In the case of Georgia, traditionally the state has been very strict with regard to the consumption of marijuana and it has been very limited. "Haleigh's Hope Act", more formally known as House Bill 1, gives permission for some medical patients to be able to possess cannabis oil.

This blog will provide a brief overview into where the law currently stands on marijuana in Georgia, and what charges you can expect to face if you are suspected of possession or distribution.

Possible defenses for drug possession charges

Being accused of drug possession can be an extremely serious charge depending on the type and quantity of drug that you were accused of having in your possession. You may or may not be charged with an intent to sell, but if you intend to plead not guilty, it is important to speak to an attorney about the possible defenses that could be accepted in court.

The following article serves as a brief overview of the types of drug charge defenses that can be permissible in court, and may be enough to secure your innocence if you plead not guilty.